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Feb 15, 2009
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The Sandpiper, I believe was a 2-stage payload competition model. I'd seen the plans in some publication long ago. I'd like to build an upscale (non-payload, non-competition) version just because I like the looks of the thing.

If anyone can point me to the plans, it would "make my day".

Richard Hickok NAR L1
MDRA, NOVAAR, & some years METRA
I searched the place & found my copy of the plans. No wonder nobody responded.....it was from a fairly obscure source, an old club newsletter from the NOVAAR Free Press, model courtesy of MIT Rocket Society. It mentions it being flown at NARAM-23 & used CMR parts, with body tube designations like RB52, RB77, etc.

If I can scan it & get it on here, I will, just to show you how cool it is. I'm upscaling it to BT60 transitioning to BT70, just over 4 feet tall & staged.

Richard Hickok
If I can figure out how to get the picture to here, I will (54 & limited computer skills.....maybe I can get a 7-year-old to show me).
It worked!! Imagine that. All those crudely scribbled dimensions relate to a rough draft of 2 upscaled versions.

What do you think? I like the lines of it.

--"Itchy Richie"
>>>You CAN teach an old dawg new tricks!

Thank you, Kev. It was my local computer-wiz & glider-trimmer extrodanaire, Kevin Johnson, who I quizzed about posting the plans pic on here.
Kevin Johnson.....more computer savvy than a seven-year-old.

Richard "the guy who used to put entirely too much verbiage between his first & last name, back in the old rmr days" Hickok aka Itchy Richie