Looking for Rocketeers in the LA valley

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Sep 1, 2009
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Looking for Rocketeers LA Basin-Northridge-Reseda area


Guys if you live in the Los Angeles valley and build and fly rockets sign in. I'd like know who you are.


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OK I've edited the title. Like my submarine modeling hobby it's hard to find friends that have the same interest that aren't 2 hours to a state away to share in the hobby with.

In RC subs I'm the only guy I know in my local area that builds and runs high end model submarines. I have plenty of work shops and friends to visit with RC planes. But Rockets and subs, no.

So I was trying to do a little fishing here. Maybe one day work on a big upscale group project. Things like that.

Thanks guys,

I would then recommend ROC (rocketry origination of california) and SCRA
(southern california rocketry association) both are SO cal Based, and (especially ROC) has 100's of members.

try www.rocstock.org and SCRA I believe is on yahoo groups.

ROC has an e-mail chat you can join. there are a bunch of great guys (and ladies) in both!

R/C subs? wow just what I need another hobby
Late joining in on this thread, but better late than never. I'm up in the Santa Clarita area, but am usually all over the Los Angeles area. Just checking in! I just started to get back into this hobby after a 10 year hiatus.