Looking for ORK file for Darkstar Jr in short configuration

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Feb 10, 2017
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I have the file for the full size version, anyone seen one for the short?
I've seen .rkt files provided by the manufacturer for their kits... OR has the ability to open, alter, and save .rkt files (as well as convert them to .ork files). I don't know if the short config Darkstar Jr is among them though.

I've attached the file that I downloaded from their website and converted into a .ork file below. I've done no other work on the file.

[EDIT] I've downloaded the instructions took a very quick look at them, then deleted the forward body tube and switch band (as well as moved the parachute to the remaining airframe) and saved them. See the attached .ork below.

View attachment Darkstar_jr.ork

View attachment Wildman Darkstar jr (Short Config).ork
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Thank you so much, this made my day!!! Exactly what I needed!

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