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Sep 26, 2014
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hi. I'm looking for a suitable place to fly rockets. I live ten minutes away from dulles airport and it seems there are very little few options.theres a club in the springfield area,but their launch site in great meadow park is too far for me to drive.also,at this time I don't want to join a club. somewhere in the herndon/reston area would be prefered or somewhere in loudoun county.:confused2:any thoughts?,thnx.
NOVAAR is a great group to fly with. I was a member before I moved from Falls Church to Salt Lake City. And it's only $30 per year. Great Meadows should only be about 30 minutes on a weekend day.

My recollection is that Fairfax county prohibits rocketry in parks and at schools, which limits things drastically. And there is a big no-fly zone around DCA as well. I think you'd be limited to trying to find private property (a farm or something similar) and approaching the land owner for permission.

I would really recommend flying with NOVAAR, NARHAMS (open low power launch at Goddard monthly, MPR launches monthly), or MDRA over on the Eastern shore if you want to fly higher. They are all great folks to hang with. The NARHAMS club meetings started with an hour open build session, where everyone just brought their current project(s), and talked and worked. Much fun was had.

They might also be able to give you better ideas about where you can fly.
Thanks Bill. I'll think about NOVAAR.I flew estes rockets as a kid in the 1970's and since have built afew more estes models,but no where to fly.I'm casual with the hobby as I fly RC models and belong to a club.[LCCAA]
I have friends that do both, and have permission to use the RC club's facilities to launch rockets when there is no one else flying. You may want to check with the club...

I remember how frustrating it was for me to be limited to club launches even for A and B motors. Then I got hooked on the big stuff.
I guess that could be an option,but I'd think you would need at least 200 yds in all directions.our flying field has wooded area on one side and low cut brush on the other which includes thistle and poison ivy.
I joined NOVAAR this week. I found out the park we rent our flying field from does not allow model rockets.[because of possible fires] we all know that is total BS.