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Looking for LARGE Parachute for 100 lb rocket

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Aug 25, 2015
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Hello all!

I am working on my L3 project and need a large parachute for my scratch build sonotube rocket. It's made from 8" Sonotube (the largest of the 8" Sonotube sizes) and will end up weighing in around 100 to 115 pounds. I'll have approximately 24" of packing inside the almost 9" tube for the parachute and associated rigging.

I was thinking a 20 to 24 ft Rocketman parachute would work. Please let me know if you have any large parachutes of this class size for sale, I would even consider an appropriate sized Military surplus chute. Early in the project I bought a old T-10 chute that was way too large at about 35' I think...


T.J. Crooks