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Feb 13, 2004
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Hey all! Yesterday I reciever the latest Sport Rocketry in the mail.The first thing I started to read is the multi-part article on the Mars Snooper.In the second paragraph it mentions that the rocket was designed by one Mr.Gene Street.I found this very interesting being as how I have the same last name.There are not many of us and we are all kin somewhere down the line being as how we all originally came from Street,England.
My question is;Can anyone point me to any info regarding this fellow?My brother and I are both constantly trying to find out stuff about others of our surename.One of these days we may actually have the time to sit down and piece it all together but for now it's just one happenchance name at a time.
Also,while I'm on this topic,if anyone here either is or knows of anyone else with the surnames of Street,Streets,Streete,Streeter or Streetly who are also trying to piece together the scattered pieces of our somewhat fuzzy past then would you please point them in my direction?It would be much appreciated.Thanx!
I researched one side of my family pretty extensively some years back. Learned a lot and had a fun time doing it. I'll warn you it is a time consuming process to piece together familiy lines. Any genealogical information--names, dates, places, etc--that you can round up about your family will be very helpful.

Here are some good links for doing genealogical research. Most sites have surname boards where you can make specific inquiries.

Did you try contacting Sport Rocketry? They may not give you his contact details, but will probably pass on yours to Mr Street.
Thanks for the tips y'all.I know that it wont be easy.The Mormons have been my best source of info so far as well as the Commonwealth War Graves Commision.Some interesting tid bits there.
As far as contacting Estes goes I have to admit that it never crossed my mind that he might still be alive and kickin'.
I know that Gene J. Street used to work for Estes Industries "back in the day" and his name appears on a patent for boost gliders that Estes applied for......circa 1963......