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Found Looking for Hypertek items

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Jun 19, 2017
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Vacaville, CA
I have purchase some Hypertek hybrid equipment. I am looking for some more items to add to the set up. I'm looking for anything that's just sitting around and won't be used, before I buy new. Please PM me if you have any hybrid stuff you want to get rid of.

What I have:
-300cc tank
-440cc tank
-Bell with tank vent tube for 440cc tank.
-Standard J fuel grains.
-Tie wraps

What I need:
-Full set of orifices
-3 different o-ring sizes.
-Hypertek approved lube (any different then Super-lube?)
-Vent fitting out the side of the bell (missing in picture)


Other items of interest:
-Vent tube for 300cc tank (is that easily interchangeable in the bell? Or is it better to have a bell set up for each tank size?)
-Ground support equipment.
-Standard or hyEFX I-J grains.
-Any other compatible hybrid stuff you want to get rid of.

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Still looking.

Does anyone know the thread size for the vent on the size of the bell?