Looking for G-Force Mods? Payload Bay etc?

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Aug 3, 2004
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Hey folks,

The G-Force will be my second MPR, and since it cost me a pretty penny, I'd like to see if can be smart about its construction. In particular, I'm thinking about trying to cap the top section for use as a payload bay in the future.

Anyone got construction/mod suggestions?


Mathew Kaustinen
[email protected]
Yes, the payload bay sounds like a good mod. Also, one of the most popular mods for that rocket is to not put the motor clip in or cut off that little tab that prevents longer motors from being used. That way you are not limited to such small motors on such a large rocket. With this mod you can fly the new 29/120 loads like the G79 White Lightning and the soon to come Redline and Blue Thunder G's. Also you can step it up a notch with 29/180 G75 Black Jack. Once you get certified you can fly the other 29/180 loads, which are baby H's. If you were to fly bigger motors you would probably have to reinforce it, but I doubt you intend to go that far with this roc. Have fun building it!
would it be possible to get the dimensions of the G-Forces fins? perhaps you could do a scale drawing and attach as a pic?

OK, a few more questions then.

1) How do I, in fact make the bay? The idea, of course is to be able to use the top section, be able to open/close it, and provide some kind of protection. I was thinking of a long screw expoxyed into the nose cone and have a panel with a bolted on the other end of the top section - make sense? Other suggestions?

2) If I remove the tab, what do I do provide some form of stop at the end of the motor mount?

3) Yep, I'll provide the fin dimensions in the next day or so.


Mathew Kaustinen
[email protected]
To answer number 2:

All reload casings have a thrust ring built in, so you don't need one in the motor tube. For single use motors, you put a few wraps of tape near the bottom, so that it can't go through.
I attached an illustration of a typical payload bay. I assume this can be done with the G-Force.
Came in a little late, however for a payload bay for my G-Force was just the top section with the nose cone having a shock cord and a bit of tape to hold it in.

Sorry for the delay, here are the dimensions of the G-Force fins. I don't have calipers so I didn't do the thickness measurements, let me know if you need this too and I'll see what I can do.

Blue Ninja - do you use the shock cord to keep the nose cone in the top section (opposed to screws?). What did you use as the "plug" for the bottom of the top section? Got a picture?

thanks boomer, I appreciate it! Can u say G Force clone.....I think I will call it the J Force.......
I just used the standard coupler/bulkhead in the bottom, it is mid deploy. The nose is attached to the top section with the shock cord, which is glued in. Sorry no pics, I dont have the camera right now. The "plug" is the coupler and the bulkhead (looks like a centering ring only really small hole)
Oh, they give you a coupler bulkplate with the G-Force? Then doesn't it already have a payload bay if you build it stock? Or is AeroTech telling you to glue the nosecone in? Do they give you an eyebolt? I'm confused as to what the confusion is. :confused:

Well, it would have helped if I actually read the instructions! Yes, it does provide a coupler plate, so we're good to go on that end.

And yes, Aerotech, tells you to glue the nose cone in, so I need a way to be able to secure it and yet be able to remove it.

I think I'm going to use this coupler plate to attach a second elastic that will provide tension to retain the nose cone. Make Sense?
Originally posted by RocketboyG80
Oh, they give you a coupler bulkplate with the G-Force? Then doesn't it already have a payload bay if you build it stock? Or is AeroTech telling you to glue the nosecone in? Do they give you an eyebolt? I'm confused as to what the confusion is. :confused:

That's kinda what I was wondering too... Not having built one, I wouldn't know, but wouldn't it just make sense to build it as a payload bay? I mean, it either has a coupler and the chute exits the NC, or it's zipperless... Any other possibilities? I always figured it just kinda had a payload bay... no?
The elastic idea is interesting but I don't see any real advantage of that over just using masking tape on the shoulder to make it a tight fit so it won't come off. Or if you don't trust that method you could just put a few nylon bolts through the body tube and nosecone shoulder.

To me, I don't trust friction fit and the screws can lead to stripping and I don't like the look. Call it personal preference, but I'm going to give the elastic method a try (with a bit of friction for good measure). I can always add screws later if need be.

Perfectly understandable about the look of the screws. And friction fit can be a little iffy, as big nosecones like that on the G-force aren't cheap to replace. My only question is, will the elastic strap running the length of the payload tube be in the way of any payloads that you might be putting in it? Also by the way, you will probably want to untie that elastic when you aren't flying the roc, as it will loose it's tension after a while if it is constantly kept taunt.