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Aug 18, 2017
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I apologize for the strange question, but I'm hoping someone can help me.

I while back I came across a website that was selling a 4" avionics bay that had aluminum bulkplates with dual ejection canisters machined into the bulkplates. I had bookmarked the site to look at later and after a computer glitch, lost the url. I have been googling but cannot find the site again.

Has anyone heard of this and no where to get it?

I believe Rocketry Warehouse used to sell bulkplates with the charge wells integrated. I don't think that made it over to Madcow though when he purchased RW.

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I’m guessing you are looking for ape-rc.com. Chris machines beautiful Al bulkheads with integrated charge wells and tether attachment points.

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there were 2 companies I knew of doing this. Baddazz rocketry & Performance rocketry, both had AL BP with charge [Al]holders on them
They both are no longer in business.

There are several suppliers you can get charge holders from,and mount them on Al bulk plates. Both Wildman & Madcow have Al BP's and AMWproX has al charge holders to start.
Yes...Yes...APE does do them now!