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Hey gang,

One of my rockets - an MRC Concept II Flare Patriot - lawn darted, destroying the nose and crumpling the upper third of the body tube. It's a favorite, as it has the interchangable engine mounts, and I would really like to repair this bird. However, the darn body tube is "non-standard" with a 1.75" OD. I've looked everywhere and cannot find such a tube.

So can someone

a) direct me to a place where I may find a 1.75" tube, and after that, a suitable nose cone?


b) suggest a means of obtaining a transition from the 1.75" tube to a standard type, like the BT-60?


c) give me a lead as to where I can buy a MRC Concept II Flare Patriot kit?

Thanks mucho!


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Jul 31, 2011
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For a tubing of this diameter you might try T188 Coupler stock From Balsa Machining Service.


C188-34 1.796x1.728x34 inch long T188 coupler stock $7.00

You could also get a custom nose cone and transition from them, or buy them from Sandman who frequenlty posts to this forum.

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