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Jan 17, 2009
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Hi all,
I remember reading somewhere on the old trf about a rocket designed I believe called "That seven D's rocket", I been hunting around trying to find the plans for it or a picture of something with no luck if anyone knows where they are could you link it for me.
Thank you for the link no matter what I put into the search box it wouldn't come up.I ordered that back issue of sport rocketry so I can check it out.
I build the "That seven D's rocket" from that issue with some mods and flew it our june SARA launch. It flew great, with all seven engines started by Quest Q2G2 igniters. I used 1/8 inch ply for the fins and did not recess engine mounts (I have no desire to fry the inside of the body tube). Rail buttons are more appropriate for this high power rocket. I wanted to be able to fly on all types of engines so the motor mounts all vent thru to the main chamber of the rocket. The central tube goes straight thru to the top centering ring/baffle. A kevlar shock completes the setup. It was still climbing when the D12-5 engines deployed the chute, so the next flight will be with D12-7 delays. Eventually I will fly it seven E9 engines and I also will be setting up LED's in a second nose cone for night flights.

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