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Sep 20, 2003
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mid power rockets. I need a vehicle for a new 29mm AT consumer RMS. Any suggestions guys n gals?

Strong Arm

Amraam 2
Tiny Pterodactyl
Small Endeavour (does nicely on G64s)
Bullpup 2.1

Just a few of my fav's.

You could use a A.T. Astrobee-D, I bought one - haven't built it yet, but am leaning towards a 38 mm mount.

Have a TRF friend locally that recommends that course of action, and the other threads here at TRF - use the search feature - all point to this being a great solution to L1 certing and giving me a larger range of motors to choose from.

So, if you did this, you could easily use your 29mm hardware and still have room for a bigger engine.

Others here certainly will give you even more ideas and recommendations.

I would recommend the BSD 3" Horizon or the LOC/Precision Forte. Both are three inches in diameter and over three feet tall. They can both fly on the F40, F52, G33 and G64 loads. The Forte is cheaper at $45 than the $60 Horizon, but the Horizon has motor retention and to-the-motor-mount fin tabs. But both are made of the same materials. Attached is a picture of my Horizon.
Many Many choices for that one. I would suggest something durable, and very versatile, such as a LOC Graduator. Should fly on any of the loads available for the 29 40-120. Another good choice, would be an AT Initiator, PML Callisto, BSD 3" Horizon. There are so many choices, just about anything 2-3 inch diameter from the mid/ hpr vendors would be a good one.
from AT is my current fave
the Initiator is cool because it doesn't go quite so high on a decent sized motor...

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