Looking for a club launch near Jackson, MS in 2017

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Kirk G

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Jan 9, 2012
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Hey guys,

A co-worker is moving to Jackson, MS later this month.
He's expressed interest in my model rocket launching, but never got around to joining me for a launch.

I'm giving him a simple "L.G.M." rocket by Estes for Xmas/Going Away present... but need some help
directing him to a club and/or club launch site near Jackson.

Can anyone recommend a good club, site, or rocketeer who could take this guy under their wing?
He's very well educated, with a great command of Math, physics and meteorology. He'd be a great
addition to any club due to his passion for weather and the atmosphere.

What do you suggest?
Well, it's not exactly near Jackson MS but Tripoli La flys in Winnsboro LA. That's the guys I fly with. He would actually be closer than I am. We don't have club meetings and such though because it's not " down through road" for any of us. We just gather up to launch rockets. Small group of folks. Usually 4 weekends a year. The next launch is in February and Chris Short from Chris' rockets is our vendor. He's not there every time though, supposed to be there in February.
A little info here:

And either of these guys can invite him to join the Yahoo group.

Whitney posts here as bayourat as well.

Pm me if you need more info, I'll do my best to assist.

I'll be sure to welcome him to the South.

Mikey D
Have you checked out the NAR or Tripoli club finders on their websites?

edit: bad suggestions *thought I read Jacksonville at first*