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May 20, 2014
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I'm trying to find a conical transition, nose cone, or tail cone to fit heavy wall 2.56" tubing. LOC has 3" and 4" transitions. But I'd prefer to build this rocket for 29mm in a 2.56" tube. Technically I could use the balsa tail cone from MadCow, but I hate filling balsa. Any clue who makes one?
You can always cut down a plastic nose cone, that is how I make most of my tail cones.
Where is the transition to be?
What kind of speeds are looing at?

I'm assuming you have the transition somewhere mid-rocket, facing forward (the pointy end of the rocket is a smaller dia than the flame end) two layers are stiff card stock should suffice..
I used cardstock to create a tail cone for my 3.1" dia. wac corporal, it has held up reasonably well. it did require some creative use of centering rings and the making of non-standard rings. one ring was just a bit larger in dia. than the inside dia. of the body tube (w/ beveled edge to give me something to glue the cone to) the other was sized so as to match the cone 3/8" from the end of the motor tube(38mm motor). the inside got a coat of epoxy and glued in place, after the epoxy set the outside surface was treated w/ ca. from there the cone got a layer of glazing putty and sanded smooth.
Check out the thread on a Rocket CAD Repository. Someone there wrote an open-source code for a transition generator. It outputs CAD files that can be used for a 3D printer. I haven't messed with it, but it sounds like a really cool way to make custom transitions.

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