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Mar 14, 2004
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My wife told me there was a box packed in another box which contained some "old rocket stuff". She pointed and I dug. I knew I'd saved a couple old Model Rocketeers. I didn't know I'd saved several full years of it (1977 to 1981) as well as quite a few Estes' Model Rocket News. Attached is a scan of the cover of the oldest, December 1965. No Estes catalogs, but one Centuri catalog (77) with their hobbyist newsletter insert.

I reckon I'll scan this stuff and find someplace to upload it to. Where's the best place for sending and storing scan of old material? Of course I'll check to see what they already have so I don't send dupes.

Oh, and if anyone's posting to r.m.r and they're still discussing when NAR actually started, I found the answer: December 7, 1957, as Model Missile Association, in Denver. So says G. Harry Stine's "History of NAR (part 3)" in the 20th anniversary issue of Model Rocketeer, December 1977. MMA was the forerunner of NAR and all memberships were transfered when the name was changed.