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Jan 17, 2009
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I went to one of those "junk" tool sales at my local V.F.W. hall today and found just what I needed.

Normally when I make nose cones I just use my caliper to make measurements and so far it's worked pretty well...until I get to the really big nose cones! Like anything over 6" long. or 6" in diameter.

Problem solved!

This puppy measures to the 1/128" of an inch or 0.05 mm and up to 24 inches (60cm) long!

Best part...only $9.99!
That’s not a caliper....

That is a pipe wrench disguised as a caliper!!!

Killer Deal Sandman!!
Cripes! No dial - No display! Where do ya put the batteries in that thing????:p
It's got really big lines and really big numbers.

Sort of a caliper for the visually impared.
Great Find!!!! When are you going to start working on a nosecone bigger than 6" in diameter and longer than 6"??????
Wow Sandman! what a great find!
Good you got one with the large numbers.. those 128th ticks are a real pain to read on the Starrett 24" master series I got from my dad, Don't use it as much since I started building micros:D. Have fun with it....Sure makes length measurements a good bit easier:D
Under 10.00 bucks!!! do you have know what one goes for new? I'm sure you almost feel bad about it;)
Micro thats the high impact plastic type not near a starrett
but still a very good deal
just a 6" starrett master caliper is over $400,,
I have a starrett 3 footer at the shop, that I bought used , for a considerable amount. but unfortunately it was necessary.