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Feb 18, 2010
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So years ago on the original forums, the discussion came about by a hand full of us that decided that we would adventure into this "free" material known as tint tubes. Not sure if any of you guys have ever seen these but I stand proven that these things are GREAT for bodies and ebays. Now their sizes aren't always 100% perfect so if you go down this road, you will see that you will be building a 99.99% custom rocket scratch build. I had a guy here most of you know him as Sandman the nosecone maker ;) design and build me a custom nosecone for this rocket. These bodies guys are amazing, they sand really well, they hold epoxy like none other if prepped right, and for some no painting is needed. Wanna know the absolute best part? THEY'RE FREE!!!!! I've found that most tint shops that have these throw them away. After some phone calls, and explaining what it is I do with them, they give them to me by the box loads. They come in different lengths from my experience 3ft-6ft tubes depending on the size of the tint. I'm going to link you guys to my Level 1 and Level 2 rocket that flew beautifully on a H144 Loki motor. I failed on my first attempt because my BP charges weren't large enough to separate it fell from 1800ft and landed on its side.. all it suffered was a small crack in one of the fins, and the body bounced off the turf.


I have used several of these and I also really like them. They are a tad heavy, but since this is an HPR thread, that's not much of an issue. :) Mine (the one shown) lawndarted from around 700'. My custom cone was crammed into the body and there was about a 1/2 split on the top. I trimmed it and built another cone.

Wow ,talk about a time capsule or a time & space continuum for that matter.Must say the topic was rather interesting.

yeah it was 4ever ago. But its a FREE resouce out there that I don't think has been really discovered yet. When I took my ShugarHigh Ex rocket to Manchester I had alot of people asking about the body and really wondering about the stuff. Since that was years ago, I thought about bringing the topic to life again in a civil manner so maybe newer people would also get ideas like I did. Not to mention I made a rather nice Leveling rocket out of it.