Lonestar Balsa back in business

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Jan 17, 2009
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Saw the news of this on an R/C sailplane group.

Lonestar Balsa is back in business. They had a fire in November 2007 that destroyed everything.

A lot of rocketeers used to use them as a source for balsa for rockets and gliders before the fire, so this is why I am posting the news here.


- George Gassaway
good news! they had great service and good prices. guess I need to get an order together!
Great News!!!:D

I have an idea for a rocket that will require contest balsa, and of course I thought of Lone Star. Now here's the freaky part...TODAY I asked my neighbor where he buys his balsa since Lone Star is out-of-business (he builds old-time stunt C/L models and is a building machine). He said he uses Midwest & Sig these days but sure misses Lone Star.

I'm going next door in a few minutes and give him the news.

Thanks for the post,George! :D
Thanks for the heads-up, George.

I used to buy my contest balsa from them when I was more active in Free Flight modeling.

Saved the link and I'm good to go!