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Loki 38mm, Monster Motors 54/1706

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Nov 22, 2013
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Since having a new baby 9 months ago I have not flown and it does not look like I am going to get to fly anytime soon, so I am thinning the heard some.

I am closing this post and starting a new one with some addtional items.

Next up is a #19 Nozzle. This is for the 480ns motor $25 shipped

Next up is a batch of Loki Research 38 mm 240ns motor and casings. I have two complete motors, 2 additional casings. Motors Have Sold, I still have the casings $25 shipped for each casing

Next up is a monster motors 54/1706 casing. Serial number 50. $90 shipped

I will have more to follow in the coming days.

These were in the original sale and are all now sold, leaving for reference

First up is a batch of Loki Research 38mm 480ns motor. I have three complete motors for sale.
These are the casings that the worlds most awesome motor flies in the Loki I-405. All three sold

Next up is a Loki Research 54mm 1200ns motor. I have one complete motor for sale. This motor is in pristine condition as I have never flown it. Sold

Next up is a Loki Research 38mm 740ns motor. I have one complete motor for sale. This motor is in pristine condition. Sold

Last but not least is a Jolly Logic Altimeter 3. Sold

I also have a pair Knipex pliers for the snap rings. First come first serve to a Loki sale. Claimed
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PM sent on several Loki's and the Alt3