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Porthos II

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Jan 17, 2009
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Home recovering from 3 days at Lucerne. John Van Norman, Matt Del Castillo, Mark Clark, my son David and I spent 1 day of prep and 2 days on set with R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey for his new series Lock N’ Load. In the 3 days we launched 5 ancient Chinese bamboo rockets and 2 sets of 200 rocket arrow Hwachas from the 1400-1600’s. We also built and launched 5 each of the Congreve Centre Stick, and Hale rockets from the 1800’s. Wind, 110 degree weather and occasional showers hampered us, but we managed to get all rockets fired with varying degrees of success. Below are more details of the upcoming series.


History comes to life as R. Lee “Gunny” Ermey leads viewers on a fascinating ride through the engineering and development of weapons in the new one-hour series, LOCK N’ LOAD With R. Lee Ermey , premiering Friday, July 31 at 9pm ET on HISTORY.

Get hands-on with some of the world’s fiercest firearms - such as machine guns, tanks, pistols and rockets - as Gunnery Sergeant, drill instructor, Vietnam veteran, actor and former MAIL CALL host R. Lee Ermey demonstrates the weapons that made battlefield history. For example, Ermey unleashes a torrent of ammo using a Dillon Aero Minigun, which shoots three thousand rounds per minute, and then traces the evolutionary steps that brought the gun to its present place in history.

Learn the inner workings of a particular weapon in each episode of LOCK N’ LOAD With R. Lee Ermey as special high-speed photography gives viewers an unprecedented look at how weapons work and what really happens at the point of impact. Advanced 3D graphics help to detail the improvements, changes in technology and thinking behind each weapon, while experts flesh out the engineering and history involved.

It’s an enthralling ride through the evolution, origins, innovations, victories and defeats of weapons, as Ermey delivers the story with, literally, one finger on the trigger.

Premieres Friday, July 31 at 9pm ET on HISTORY™

Be sure to check your local listings.
Is Ermey as cool as he seems? Me and the wifey loved watching Mail Call. :)