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Jan 20, 2009
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Who around here has this bird i was thinking about a strip of fiberglass along the fins i would like too fly it on a G-80 or G-77
Not needed, flown on H's, but did throw a wrap of 6oz. on the tube, for longevity. Used the coupler for Alt bay and DD. Don't like long walks!
I have flown mine(well, it was a 'hand me down' kind of rocket from some crazy dude that always likes having these wild, crazy drag races and..but, that's beside the point:p) numerous times all single deploy and it really rips on a G71!:D
I have one built and one still in the bag .....

I swapped out the motor tube supplied with the kit for a motor tube long enough to accommodate the length of the root edge of the stock fins and the two centering rings. I slotted the tube and mounted the fins through the wall.

Although I've never had a problem with the nylon shock cord mounts LOC supplies with their kits, I used braided kevlar attached to the motor tube instead.


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