LOC Weasel parachute?

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Feb 10, 2017
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The stock chute on this rocket is 14", but with this chute my sim is showing a descent speed of 32.8 fps, which seems high. Is my model off or is a 14" chute too small?
Estes provides chutes that some consider over large...while the mid and high power birds verge on undersize. by now you should know the drill, weigh the rocket w/o engine, plug the weight into your design software then fiddle with chute size. I would suggest an 18" chute and work your way up (or down) until you find a descent rate to your liking. bear in mind that you can getaway with a somewhat higher rate since the fins don't hit first.
My Weasel has about a dozen flights on it, all with the stock chute. I've never had a problem with recovery. Like Rex said the aft end hits first so there isn't much risk of fin damage.
Thanks Mike and Rex. It must come down pretty straight with that 14 inch cute, right?
490 grams with motor, both actual and on the sim.
I have not tried it yet, just did the sim, saw the high descent speed, and thought it best to ask.