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Apr 19, 2009
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Hello all,

I've got a question for ya. Are the LOC body tubes that you can buy from the components section of the site the same ones that are used in the kits? Specifically is the 2.14" tube the same one that comes with the Lil' Nuke whose specs say it is a 2.26"? Any help would be appreciated.
Hmm, I see what your saying. I'm looking at a LOC catalog right now and it does say that the Lil' Nuke is 2.26" in diameter, yet the closest tubing size is 2.14". There is also another discrepancy with the Graduator, it's diameter is listed as 2.63", but the closest tube size is 2.56". Strange... I would contact Barry at LOC/Precision if no one here can answer that question.
Ah! I think your right Rocketmaniac. LOC's kits are listed with the outer diameter and their tubing is listed with the inner diameter.
Just watch out on the 3" size. They have a regular and heavy with twice the wall thickness (same ID).
I emailed Barry maybe a day or two ago. Hasn't got back to me yet, but i know he will shortly. He is a great guy to deal with. If anybody else knows anything, all help is appreciated.
it's the same

loc bt 2.14 = 2.14id and 2.26 od

loc bt 2.56 = 2.56id and 2.63 od