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Aug 20, 2003
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Evening all,

Some time ago, before the Deepsky business changed hands, we were approached by Barry Lynch at LOC/Precision with a view to us stocking their kits for sale to the UK market. At the time, we were fully committed as far as finances were concerned with expansion in other areas, and so we had to decline his offer.

BUT, things have now moved on a bit, and we are pleased to announce that LOC/Precisions fine kits are on the way over the big pond to us as we speak!

There are only 2 companies doing rockets full time at present in the US and LOC is the largest, oldest (ending their 19th year) and most financially fit. They stock everything in great depth so if you see it on our site and we don't have it here in the UK, it will ship from the US within 24 hours.

LOC/Precision products are well made and priced right. They are easily modified and repaired when necessary and fly very well even on small motors.

We have been in discussions with the company during the last week and over the weekend, and we feel that LOC/Precision are a company we will be able build a very good relationship with. If you do wish to order non-stock kits, we will require a 50% deposit on the kit to be paid before we order it from the USA, but as I mentioned, the short lead time LOC are offering will mean that any delay will be minimal.

Other news.

We placed a large order for BSD kits back in February, and as yet, we have still not received a shipping date for this order. BSD were out of communication for several weeks after an unspecified emergency, and we only heard back from them last Friday. There was also talk on one of the forums about them suffering from component shortages...so...basically, you can order anything you like via the website, but we cannot guarantee a delivery date for any kits not currently in stock. The only kits that will show up on the new website are those actually in stock...so if the kit you want isn't there, drop us a line for more information. As soon as we hear anything concrete from BSD, we'll let you know.

We have made a number of modifications to the new web store, as although we were getting the traffic, the orders weren't coming in as fast as we'd have liked. We've been umming and ahhing about the possible reasons for this, and as a result have altered things so you can now make purchases without having to register or create an account. There is also the option to print off your order and send it to us with a cheque or postal order just like the good old days! If any of you have any comments or suggestions about the way the site works, please let us know! We've tried our best to make it as user friendly and customer focussed as possible, but while we may think it works a treat etc, we're on the inside as it were, and we're always interested to hear what you the customer made of it. The only way we can make things better for you is if you let us know what you want!

I think we're just about ready to make the transfer to the new website from the old one now, so the URL you'll all be needing, if you don't have it already, is:


See you there!

All the best for now,

Fantastic,I think LOC do some great kits and i can't wait to get my hands on a VIPER lV. It's a 4x24mm cluster kit and its top of my hit list.:D :cool: :D
I've been looking at the LOC/Precision rockets, as they've been added. The D-cluster Vipers look the Mutt's nuts! :cool:

I do like the way you are pointing out which mid-power rockets will fly on a D. I'm going to have to give one of these a go.
Thinking about the website, I preffered the navigation of the old website. Ie: You click Low Power Rocketry, then you choose the vendor. Whereas on the new site the main method of choosing an item is the category theyre in, not the manufacturer. When on the shop front page you are just kinda "hit" by all these different catagorys :confused:

Just my £0.02 ;)

EDIT: Wow, when i started typing this, there were no replies. Now there are 2 more :eek:

under the catagorys section there is a manufacturer section.If you click on this it brings up all the products for that manufacturer(just like the old site).This is great if you know exactly what your after,if you'r not to sure what you want you can peruse the catagorys section to find the items you need...just my thought for the day:)
Great addition guys!

I've held off ordering until the shop is stocked up more, that and all the motors I want are out of stock!

BTW, I like the new layout, infact I find it easier to get where I want than the old one. Wik, just make sure you use the drop-down menus!
I prefer the new site, full stop.

The 'Bully's Prize Board' style comments in the descriptions are cool! :D
(Bullseye's on at 7am on PLUS - Cornflakes and Jim Bowen, you can't beat it ;) )
Im not saying I dont like it, I like it alot! And I know about the drop down menu lol.

Im holding off ordering until ive got enough money! :D
Vast improvement on the old site.

Maybe the problem is you need to finish it first. Tinker afterwards.
Things change too much from day to day. Stop it! You seem to be looking for problems when maybe there aren't any! Take stock.

Personally I think you should have finished it before you went live. Having both running concurrently is a bad call. IMHO.

Don't let that detract from a top site though. A novel experience for the UK rocketeer. If you had more HPR component stuff then it would all be perfect.

Also a top shop:- choice, quality etc. etc. I'm sure a lot of the community at large are waiting to see how things pan out with the new chief too. It's human nature.

BTW. I know Paul is an American and may get confused with the term football as being a sport for big girls wearing body armour. In fact Association football is the life and soul of most Englishmen! When in the stands at such events the crowd often chant to their manager to give them a wave. Just so they know that they are there. Obviously he is because Deepsky's rudder has truly been yanked to starboard. It would be nice for him to come to the 'fore and give us all a wave.........

Don't take that the wrong way either. Personally I like the new direction things are going....

Take care

Cheers for the suppoprt guys!

Can I just echo the comments about the navigation...there are a number of drop down menus on the site, so you can browse for products by a particular manufacturer etc.

Motors continue to be a problem...the UK Estes distributor is supplying us with little more than headaches at the moment. We've bought out all the stocks from all the hobby shops within reach...all at retail prices of course, just to keep our customers flying at no profit to us at all. What incredibly nice guys we turned out to be! BUT, these are almost all gone now...the distributors have zilch as usual, and unfortunately seem to be getting nowhere fast with re-supplies. Don't forget that this company are supposed to be the official distributors for Estes in the UK...yet they have none of the new products, hardly any motors in stock, and this situation has been going on for a very long time now. It leaves us in a difficult spot of course!

I'm not allowed to give out the email address of our contact at Estes, but if anyone wants to contact them, and let them know what their distributor is doing to the sport in the UK, I'll be happy to pass any emails along to Estes direct. I don't know if this will make any difference, but I can't see any other way that things are going to improve. We've spoken to Estes a number of times about us not being able to get what we want/need, and even told them about big retail chains asking if we can supply their rocketry stuff...but they have a long standing relationship with the company in question, and this may take some getting round.

Couple of other things...Paul has told me he wants to be the John Lewis of British Rocketry..."never knowingly undersold"!! So...if you find an item cheaper elsewhere in the UK, ask us to quote you happy. Oh dear....I've started as well now! We're not making a promise to beat any suicidal quote...but we'll do our best! Can't say fairer than that can we?

Lastly, we've heard in the last few minutes that BSD are expecting delivery of new stocks of decals this week...and our order will be going out as soon as these arrive. We can only apologise for the delay, and BSD have taken steps to get hold of a more local supplier of decals, so hopefully this will be an end to that particular problem. We do have quite a few BSD kits in stock at the moment, and these have all proved to be great kits and very popular items.

Think that's all for now!

All the best,

Originally posted by deepsky
Cheers for the suppoprt guys!
Don't forget that this company are supposed to be the official distributors for Estes in the UK...

Don't be shy. Name and shame. ARE YOU LISTENING RIPMAX?
Andy, do you have any idea when some motors will come in?
Hi Mike,

We're *hoping* that we'll be getting a delivery from the States in the next week or so. The problem is that shipping is taking a lot longer these days, and this has been the case more or less since 9/11. Some of our air freighted consignments are taking almost as long as surface...just costing us five times as much!

I will post a message here as soon as anything arrives.

Something really needs to happen to improve the supply of Estes stuff to the UK market...we shouldn't be in a position where we have no alternative but to import the stuff ourselves...the distributor should be distributing, and quite plainly isn't!

Like I said, and I think most of you know the company in question...if you want me to pass your comments on to Estes in the States, drop me an email privately.

Originally posted by hokkyokusei
Doesn't that company normally have the word 'off' in the middle of their name? ;)

This situation does suck big style, you are doing your upmost to premote a product, and the suppliers can't be arsed to make some money from you. :confused:

I shall be forwarding an e-mail for you to pass on to Estes, regarding this situation, in due course. Its public-domain-knowledge that Estes read this forum, so hopefully they'll pick up on this quickly. ;)
Dan, you really don't want a HyperLOC....you are quite scary enough as it is, especially now you've brought Jim Bowen into the equation that is Dan Westley!:) ;)

Originally posted by cydermaster

Imagine launching that from the middle of the football field, down the local park! ;) [/B]
nah,thats more of a back garden job.:D
Originally posted by deepsky
you've brought Jim Bowen into the equation that is Dan Westley!:) ;)
Thats only the tip of the iceburg - I went to see The Chuckle Brothers live the other week!

Be afraid, be VERY afraid! :eek: ;)
Originally posted by cydermaster
Thats only the tip of the iceburg - I went to see The Chuckle Brothers live the other week!