LOC Norad Pro Maxx + Aerotech G80 137ns

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Nov 1, 2016
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I have norad pro kit, but no chance for certification in Poland, I want order aerotech G80-7T.
what you think about it? I want use 29/38 mma-2 adapter,
in the nose cone installing my old apm 2.6 with gps and radio modem 433mhz for live telemetry.
if its possible making deployment near transition tube.

Motor specs:

NEW (137 Ns) TYPE
Blue Thunder G80 motors with a 7 second delay.
Single use composite motors for 29mm motor mounts (Aerotech and other kits).
Includes molded-in thrust ring
Package includes 1 Motor and 1 igniter.
Length: 124 mm
Diameter: 29 mm
Weight: 128 gr
Max liftoff weight: 1474 gr

Simulation data (rocksim)
Including only model and motor weight

LOC Norad Pro Maxx - Simulation results
Engine selection
Simulation control parameters

  • Flight resolution: 800.000000 samples/second
  • Descent resolution: 1.000000 samples/second
  • Method: 4th Order runge-kuta.
  • End the simulation when the rocket reaches the ground.
Launch conditions

  • Altitude: 0.00 m
  • Relative humidity: 50.000 %
  • Temperature: 15.000 Deg. C
  • Pressure: 29.9139 In.
  • Wind speed model: Calm (0-2 MPH)
    • Low wind speed: 0.0000 KPH
    • High wind speed: 3.2187 KPH
  • Wind turbulence: Fairly constant speed (0.01)
    • Frequency: 0.010000 rad/second
  • Wind starts at altitude: 0.00 m
  • Launch guide angle: 15.000 Deg.
  • Latitude: 0.000 Degrees
Launch guide data:

  • Launch guide length: 140.000 cm
  • Velocity at launch guide departure: 59.8245 KPH
  • The launch guide was cleared at : 0.183 Seconds
  • User specified minimum velocity for stable flight: 48.2796 KPH
  • Minimum velocity for stable flight reached at: 92.919 cm
Max data values:

  • Maximum acceleration:Vertical (y): 0.103 km/s/sHorizontal (x): 0.010 km/s/sMagnitude: 0.104 km/s/s
  • Maximum velocity:Vertical (y): 402.8364 KPH, Horizontal (x): 42.0346 KPH, Magnitude: 405.0173 KPH
  • Maximum range from launch site: 58.76 m
  • Maximum altitude: 386.54 m
Recovery system data
Time data

  • Time to burnout: 1.809 Sec.
  • Time to apogee: 8.229 Sec.
  • Optimal ejection delay: 6.420 Sec.
Landing data
Competition settings
Competition conditions are not in use for this simulation.



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Sep 22, 2014
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Seems like a good plan to me. Remember to compensate for the extra weight when you add more electronics and other payload.