LOC NORAD motor mount tube question

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El Phantasmo

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Mar 2, 2010
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I'm building a LOC NORAD. The 29mm motor mount tube extends from the bottom through the transition and into the upper section. That seems like a lot of narrow tube to subject to ejection gases and what not. My first instinct is to leave it as is an not try to fiddle with some kind of fire/heat proofing. Will a nice layer of carbon do it some good after a couple of flights? Any suggestions?

LOC norad.jpg
You could use a coating of thinned epoxy or CA. Just make sure it doesn't swell the tube as it soaks in or you might not be able to fit the motors in.

I've been flying a couple of 29mm rockets for 5-6 years on mostly hobbyline motors. I have to run a brush/rag through the motor tubes before I use a longer HPR 29mm or they are pretty tight. The motor tubes have held up just fine without any coatings.