Loc kits at good prices--not a sale.

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Jan 20, 2009
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I just received a Big Nuke from a dealer I never heard of until a few weeks ago. They carry Loc. They stock small and medium size kits--but will drop ship all the larger kits. They sell at very good prics--better than most sale prices. They can be reached at www.astralisrocketry.com. Dave, the owner, is great to deal with. I ordered my big Nuke--and had it just a few days later. Loc sent me a tracking number--and shipped the kit in a super sturdy box via Fed-Ex ground. They also have some good information on their website on fiberglassing and setting up both two and three tube dual deploy rockets.
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David G is a great guy. Met him at MDRA Red Glare last year. He is a top notch guy and will get any LOC item you need!!