LOC Hawk 1.63 Park Flier.

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Jul 16, 2019
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Picked this on up about two years ago. Built all stock with the addition of a 10ft, 3/8" elastic shock cord. Per a recommendation from LOC I used their LocPoxy to assemble and the results were great. Finished this one in Krylon dove gray with black fins and gloss white nose cone. Once finished and painted I checked the CG and needed to add 5.0oz of weight to the nose bringing the total weight with no motor to 13oz.

I have only flow it locally twice on E12-4 motors. At 13oz it really needs a full 6ft launch rod to gain speed. Last year on a visit to AZ, we found a place near the GF's parents that is wide open and has the room for high power and big altitude. We're heading out there for vacation next week and I have a full line up of E30, F44 and F67 motors for this and a few others.

For now this is the only pic I have. More of this one when I return.
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