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Oct 30, 2009
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I just got my LOC Precision Forte in the mail and I had a question. Does anyone know the project altitudes on Aerotech RMS 29mm 40-120 G motors and the projected altitude on 38mm RMS. I do not have rocksim so I do not know any altitudes.
You can download wRASP, which is free. The LOC Forte is on there. All you would have to do is input the motor you want to fly. Good luck with the kit.
Quick WRasp32 sims

F52T - 550
G64W - 1000
H165R - 1250

H123W - 1800
I200W - 2150
I1299N - 2325 +1 Mach
I110W - 3025
J350W - 3450 1 Mach
J570W - 4075 1.2 Mach

If you add dual deploy for the 38mm I1299N, your weight goes up so altitude will be significantly reduced.

I'm surprised those altitudes are as low as they are. It has to be the 4" diameter. I have a 2.25 diameter rocket that is twice the weight of the Forte and it got 6,800+ on a J350W.
Those altitudes are low. I have an EZI-65 dual deploy that goes 4-4.5K on a J350. It's heavier than the Forte'. 4" diameter rocket also.
I think it has to do with the near/exceeding Mach speeds in the WRasp32 sim. It's very close with my rockets, but I use an Aerolab drag profile file on mine and it makes it much more accurate. Didn't spend that much time on these sims.
Back track your CD with the data from a real world flight.
WRASP uses a default CD of 0.600 which is really high.
I've back tracked rockets with 10+ flights down to 0.35 or so.

I've done the same thing. I know I've gone down to about the same 0.35 value. What I've found works better is the Aerolab drag profiles. Instead of adjusting the Cd directly, I adjust the finish and sometimes other inputs to get it really close. It is pretty accurate, even really close to Mach.