LOC Forte on an "I" motor..?

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Nov 11, 2015
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New Brunswick, Canada
Hello, I am looking for some input on a question I have about my LOC Forte. LOC says it is only rated for "F",' "G" or "H" motors on their website. Has anyone successfully flown this model with an "i" based motor? Will the Forte hold-up? Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance...
It'll fly- Avoid the shotgun motors but recovery is gonna be a *something*. Make sure you have adequate fillets on the fins and wax the bejesus out of it. Double check your Cp/Cg. Depending on the load, you may have to stuff the nose. Better with flyaway guides too! Straight smoke and good chutes.
(I have to fix mine-came down on a rock on the playa and broke a fin on an undersized chute-run a Jolly Logic II just for fun to see how high it got. )
I don't own one, however..... 2 quick simulations: I200W-10 goes to 3600ft, .77 mach, I245G-10 (just the one I clicked on) is 3600ft at 0.81mach. I would not have a problem flying either of those motors, but it does show that you would be knocking on the trans-sonic zone which can be very hard on a cardboard, plywood and plastic rocket.

The rocksim file I found shows a 29mm MMT, the website shows it is a 38mm.
Be careful that you have sufficient ejection charge delay. I'm guessing that low impulse I motors with a -10 second delay would deploy early at high speed in the Forte... not good.
Just as Terry did for you above, If you haven't already, download and install Open Rocket Simulator and find out what motors will keep the speed below Mach 0.8 and what ejection delay is appropriate. I'm guessing an Aerotech RMS 29/360 I200W-14 might work out. I agree with Terry.. you would not want to push it more than that.

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