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LOC 7.5 nose cone, RAH tubing

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May 25, 2011
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5.5 FWFG Von Karman cone with shoulder, new. $80 + actual shipping SOLD
LOC 7.5 plastic nose cone. Used, good condition, flat black paint. $60 + actual shipping. I also have a couple feet of RAH 7.5" tubing if you're interested. SOLD
Brand new JL Chute Release. Opened and tested but never flown. $100 shipped SOLD
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Chute Release sold. Nose cones and tubing still available.
For those interested, I have 23 good inches of 7.51 phlexible phenolic tubing, painted orange, to match the LOC 7.5" cone.
5.5" cone sold. 7.5" LOC cone and RAH tubing still available.
Frack! I KNEW I shoulda jumped on the 5.5:-instead I piddle-ducked around with sorting tubes in storage to see what I had. Good deal and thanks for passing it on Derek! Hope to fly later this summer (before or after the heat) at ROC and Vegas. See ya on the playa!
7.5 nose cone and all tubing spoken for. Thanks everyone.