LOC 5.5" Nose Cone & U-Bolt?

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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm interested in hearing/seeing your favorite method of attaching a U-Bolt to one of these larger plastic nose cones. Pictures would be appreciated.
Here is how I did mine for my L3 project. I have a tracker/weight bay in this one. I cut the bottom of the shoulder off and installed centering ring /bulkheads.

Picture 007.jpg

Picture 008.jpg
I cut large slots on the sides of the central point, and ran the nylon strap from the recovery system through that. It's not as neat looking, but I haven't had a problem with that in 8 flights so far, and it's a lot easier, and lighter to boot.
Pin the centering ring. Most adhesives do not stick to the plastic nosecones, longterm.

Use a 1/8" drill bit and drill three or four holes through the side of the nose cone and into the side of the ring/bulkhead. Next glue 1/8" dowels through the shoulder of the nosecone and into the side of the ring.

This will hold up for a very long time.