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Feb 2, 2003
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Well, I finally got around to taking pictures of the LOC 4inch V-2 (one of the early prototype models, I think). The rocket is the same size as the Estes one, except with better tubing, tailcone, nosecone, 29mm MMT, centering rings, etc. I was given along with the rocket, many other supplies, including expandable foam. Well, I wanted to make this rocket strong and to last a while so I decided after epoxying the fins to the MMT through the tailcone, that I would foam the tailcone. Well, after doing that not only were my fins NOT coming off especially after my 2 layers of epoxy fillets on the outside (I made the first set look bad so I did it again)! Well, I didn’t realize how heavy the foam would make the rocket. It added ~1.5lbs extra to the tailcone of an already marginally stable rocket. So I poured foam in the nosecone along with lead shot to get it stable again. Instead of the standard, LOC shock cord mounting technique (similar to Estes) I put a screw eye followed by JB Weld in the forward CR. I replaced the underwear elastic shock cord with 12’ of tubular nylon. I put an eyebolt in the nosecone for shock cod attachment. Well, after my mods (mostly the foam) the rocket was stable finally at 4.5 lbs without motor!!!!! Due to the massive weight, I am having the nosecone come down separately on its own 36” chute and the rest of the rocket on a PML 48” chute. The rocket can only fly on high impulse 29mm H motors such as Blue Thunders or Redlines. I was going to fly it on a H210-6R but the launch was rained out. One last change was installing rail buttons instead of launch lugs. The last change to the rocket was motor retention. I put 2 threaded inserts for wood in the aft CR. I can now run bolts with washers on it or whatever I choose for motor retention. Well, here are some pictures. Enjoy!
Looks great!! That expanding foam is great stuff when it comes to fin cans, and nose weight.

Bummer about the launch, sounds like there were some nice projects going to go up. We were going to make the trip down, and I had planned to launch my Endeavor for it's maiden flight on an I motor (would have been my largest motor to date).
Same here, the I161 in my 4inch Horizon would have been my biggest motor to date too. After that it is either a K550, K1275, or L820 (?) in my 9ft tall, 4inch diameter SAND 1. There has been talk about another nearby field that maybe we could get one more launch in before the year is out. Maybe.

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