Littlre Joe 2 Launch Pad project images posted..

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Feb 22, 2003
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Hopefully this is in the right section, if not, my apologies in advance.

I just posted a new page to my website on my current Project, the Little Joe 2 Launch Pad - all done from the drawings provided by George Gassaway and Tom Beach - and resized to fit Gordon's 1/38th scale design.

Click on the Launch Pad image for the page.

As I get more work done, i'll be sure to post the information in this thread.

Cheers and thanks for your time,
Very nice! Perhaps I can see it in person sometime. Keep up the good work and pos more pics.


Many thanks. As you just saw, I've gotten a bit more work done on it. I still need to update the page to reflect the new additions, but she's coming along.


Many thanks 8)

I know the feeling, buying the LJ2 from Gordon really strapped me, but with so many other kits out there, especially the Estes Saturn V thats been calling my name for nearly 10 years, I just had to have the Joe.

He is doing another run of the kits, so if you can do it, its well worth it.

I will own the Saturn V someday...probably when I'm too senile to know the difference. lol

Cheers my friend,

Man, what a compliment to my kit your tower is!

I salute you and your efforts.

Now, do this...if you don't want to kit the launch pad...document and list out all the parts needed to duplicate the launch pad.

Even with just instructions and what plastruct parts to get I'd pay for a planset.

I wouldn't ask you or anyone to make a kit...that's just way too much work.

But if someone is going to build a Little Joe II you have to have the launch pad too!


Many thanks for the kind words. Your kit led me to consider this, so I owe you a debt of gratitude for this project. 8)

I've got a complete parts list already done and full part #'s are included from Plastruct and the other 2 companies. After seeing how much money was involved in just parts, I quickly realized that for me to do a run of Launch Pad kits like you did with the Joe, I wouldn't be able to afford it. A quick breakdown follows:

Plastruct parts:

4 @ .38 = 1.52
7 @ 1.09 = 7.63
3 @ .37 = 1.11
8 @ .37 = 2.96
8 @ .44 = 3.52
4 @ .53 = 2.06
5 @ .75 = 3.75
2 @ .88 = 1.76
5 @ .38 = 1.90
8 @ .20 = 1.60
10 @ .20 = 2.00
7 @ .28 = 1.96
3 @ .33 = .99

5 Sheets 1/8"
@ .65 = 3.15

2 Sets Guillows 3/4" Wheels @ 1.39 = 2.76
4 Brass K&C Wires #161 @ .25 = 1.00

Total = @39.67

Add another 10 bucks for paint - so around 50 bucks total

So, I am planning on creating a document that has build instructions, shortcuts, tips and hints - along with images and drawings to better illustrate the more complex challenges that I've encountered.

I am nearing completion of the Middle Stucture Support. All I have left is the support legs constuction (a pain in their own right) - which is made up the gear box, transmission, cross members and rivet support system.

Then I need to add the frame struts on the tubular supports, and do the 4th side detailing of the outer support.

Then its on to the lower support structure - which includes the nightmare 4 Truck system, and finally do all the wiring for the entire complex and 3 outer support buildings that house the cables and the like.

I just discovered that the outer buildings have sandbags in front of them, sooo, and I hate to say this, I'm going to have to search for 1/38 scale sandbags. *grimaces in pain and agony*

I know, its a lot of extras that I probably don't need.. lol


Thanks. 8)

The Tower - without wiring and cables is 16 " tall, and the Middle Support Structure is almost 2 inches. Once the MSS is finished, it will be nearly 4 inches tall (a guess at this moment). Once the Lower Support and Trucks are added, it will be around 24" to 26 " tall.

Thanks guys,
yeah its a drag being economically challenged....I guess my all time fav model was the old Centuri "BIG" LJ2...... I don't know what it is about this model when I was a kid I had the Cox Prefab small LJ2 that I used to shoot up in my backyard ( it weighed so much that even on a B it didn't go very far) and I also had the smaller Estes Lj2 kit from later on.....but never the "Big Brother".......:(

I know what Kit I'm going to ask Estes to consider bringing back but even if they do, it will probably cost so much that I still won't be able to afford it......WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Wow! Wow WOW!!

That is terrific!

Cannot wait to see it in yellow.

Try to set-up a pic like the box cover!

One tip on the pictures. Try taking them outside with a natural backdrop (no trees please).

Set it up on a platform and take the pick from a scale human eye level.

Gee, it kinda makes me feel like my daughter just got engaged to a doctor!

Who likes rockets!

here's a rare shot from the Sandman roachworks

caption anyone?
"%&@*..I'm off by 2 mm's, and Peter Alway is judging at Naram, I'm sooo toast ! "

" Lets see, by my calculations, I can fit 7 full I's in there. "

" Hmm, can you say Internal Launch Lug ? "

" @&#*..whatya mean you took a picture ? oh great, just because I'm super glued to this mega-caliper - you just had to think..KODAK MOMENT ! "

" Look ma, Birth control glasses ! "



it's a wind tunnel model

Micro your going to love this link!!! ,,,just typing in "little Joe" will pull up 52 photos of large resolution
Sorry to hijack Silverleaf,,

That is an exceptional job on the tower and model!!!
don't know what else to say
except you are very gifted!!! AND fast!!!

Thanks !

Ya know, I surprised myself with how quickly this went together, and I've just been staring at her for the last day or so comparing her to photos and I have to say, she looks like the real deal.

I've already painted the pad, and added the first of the surprise items to her, and am working on the display base at the moment.

Gordon sent me a set of decals care of Astronboy (thank you both for that) and they are some of the best I've seen, so clear and precise. These will finish off the Little Joe 2 and launch complex detailing.

I'll post more this wekend - in between watching/recording the U.S. Open.

Larger clearer images of the painted pad have been posted, and though there is still work to do on the wiring and display base, I'm very happy with these pictures. HP Photosmart 435 3.2 megapixel camera with 5 X zoom took these. I had to reduce them from 9 meg 2056 X 1500 images to fit..

Warning, the page is very graphic intensive, so please be patient. 8)

Click on the Launch Pad image for the page.


Many thanks..8)

These 2 projects have been a ton of fun, and well worth all the effort. Now if I can just get this thing finished before the 4th...*sweat*



I've got most of the wiring done on the pad itself, and am working on the "additions" for the rest.

Things are coming along nicely. 8))

That is a truly beautiful piece of work! That LJ II is impressive in its own right, but together with the pad, wow!
Drew Tomko

Thanks my friend. 8)

I'm a bit closer to having more work to photograph, but wanted to finish up two key additions before posting anything new to the webpage. In the next day or so I'll post an update.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. Its really made this project worthwhile.

Its really made this project worthwhile.

You've made my Little Joe II project worthwhile!

Man, what a compimentary piece to go with it!:D