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Feb 28, 2009
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I just received my DVD "LITTLE JOE Mercury's First Steps" from (aka James Duffy).

Its an absolutely outstanding collection of NASA film clips, launch videos and photos packaged neatly and presented professionally on a DVD format.

Theres an original documentary (hence the title above) narrated and everything!

Some of the launch videos look a bit pixely when viewed on a big screen like 32" or so. Probably cuz they were digitized for computer screens in the first place.

Most of the other videos are super sharp, like they were transferred directly from film to tape.

I especially enjoyed the videos of the manufacturing and assembling process. Its surprising that back in the day, they weren't concerned all that much with hard hats and safety goggles---at least on the assembly floor.

Its cool to see a LJ being bolted together with spanking new pieces painted with only a protective layer of paint, and not the gobbed on one-coat latex you see on all the displays nowadays.

At $19.95 its a bargain!!!!

Check it out ASAP.

A giddy satisfied customer.

Chris Timm
Wow, thanks, Chris! It's nice to receive positive feedback.

Yep, all of the content on the "Little Joe" DVD was transferred directly from 16mm and 35mm archival film directly into the digital domain.

This DVD was created primarily with modelers in mind, and there's even an alternate "Modeler's Notes" soundtrack featuring Sven Knudson (of fame), David Carlton, and myself.

The booster assembly films are my personal faves, with 20+ minutes of virgin sheet metal being turned into a brad-spankin' new Little Joe.