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Feb 22, 2003
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Since I'm fortunate enough to have one of the Little Joe 2's coming from Sandman - via detail drawings provided by George Gassaway, I thought it would be worthwhile to find the data to create a proper display stand for this kit.

In case anyone else is interested in this, I contacted Mr. Gassaway, and he just uploaded a veritbale treasure trove of detailed drawings of the Little Joe 2 pad to the files section over at Scaleroc.

He writes:

In 1992, Tom Beach drew up the Little Joe-II launcher.

I’ve uploaded gif’s of Tom’s drawings to the Scaleroc files section: Joe II/

I also uploaded a photo of Tom with the Alamogordo N.M. (at the ISHoF) Little Joe-II (_Tom_&_Joe.jpg).

Tom planned to the data for an entry in Super Scale at NARAM-34 that year, but ran out of time to make an entry. He let me have a copy of his files to use for my data pack, as I built a launcher to go with my 1990 Little Joe-II model. Pics of it are here:


Great drawings as usual from George.

Who's gonna build the first one???


Your kit is 1/38.5 scale correct ?

All I need to do is resize the drawings in PSP (their at 1/50th scale) and she'll be good to go. Its funny, seeing George's page and the tower he has, it doesn't look that complicated, until you see the specs on it. I personally think the most difficult part will be to put everything together after each section is built. 8)

One question for you - can you tell me what the length of the Tower is on the Little Joe drawings that you have in 1/38.5 scale?

That length will allow me to resize the pad sheets to the same size. See the gif below for clarity.

Thanks Gordon for giving me the inspiration to ask for this data as it's really made the whole experience worthwhile..

Silverleaf, Thank You!

I have been serching all over the web for any kind of documentation on the launch pad for weeks with no luck. All I had was some nice side view pics. of the pad. And then I saw your post on Scaleroc and was floord when George posted all those great views.

Were you able to view the file GDC data 12-1.045.gif? all I get is a red X.

I'm glad you did ask, as I never thought of that, DUH! to much coffee and diet cokes I guess.

Thanks Again!

I do believe that 1/38.5 is the scale but I don't really use that.

I use "lazy math" !

The prototype main body diameter is 154" and the model's main body tube is 3.938" so 3.938"/154"=.0255714

.0255714 is the scale factor.

the actual prototype (round A-004) dimension for the tip of the tower to the tower skirt is 286.5".

So 286.6 x .0255714 = 7.3262143"~~7.33"

Multiply all the dimensions given by George Gassaway by .0256.
That will give you pretty accurate dimensions for your model.

All that information as well as George's original drawings for A-004 are in the kit.

The poster included in the kit is the same size as the finished model.

I'll let you kit the base!

Put me on your "pre-order" list?


No worries, glad I was able to help you with your search as well. 8)
Were you able to view the file GDC data 12-1.045.gif? all I get is a red X.

Some months back, I downloaded every image I could find online from Scaleroc, and even their archive. I just checked my CD, and sure enough I do have the GDC data 12-1.045.gif.

Opened up in PSP its 13.2 meg, base 256 color gif. However, I drop the image to 2 color black/white and its 1.6 meg opened. If you would like a copy, please let me know at

[email protected]

and I'll zip a copy to you. The zipped archive is only 234 kb, so very small given the file compression.


Many thanks for the detailed dimensions - I forgot you size differently, so it takes me a bit to understand how that works. lol

Ok, got the .0256 number, I'll just have to figure out the resize for the sheets.
I'll let you kit the base!

Lol..a rookie trying to make a kit..hmm, ya know, if I can figure all the dimensions via resizing, this might work. I'll need to see how the prototype goes.

Thanks guys,