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Feb 22, 2003
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Ok, I'm to the point that the last info I need to locate is the proper color for the Little Joe 2 launch pad. It doesn't look like rust in any image I have, so perhaps its an off-yellow palette.

Does anyone know what the proper color is supposed to be ?

Many thanks,
In this picture it appears to be just plain white ..with some rusted areas

I have this image of the launch pad from George Gassaway's site, and though I cropped it way down, I'm starting to believe this pad is Caution Yellow.

I found some Rustoleum marking spraypaint in Caution Yellow at Lowes- used for marking lines on concrete, grass, metal etc. So I'm going to test it on a piece of styrene before I use it on the launch pad custruction.

The pain is that it needs to painted down towards the ground, I'll see how that all works out. lol

Anybody else would tell you you're out of control.

Not me!

Go for it!

It looks orangeish to me...but what do I know.

It's yellow, folks. The original launcher is on display at the Johnson Space Center if any of you folks down that way want to stop in and check it out.
Originally posted by narprez
It's yellow, folks. The original launcher is on display at the Johnson Space Center if any of you folks down that way want to stop in and check it out.

went there last year.... pic of the rocket..and the plaque that is attached to the launch pad itself... hope this helps... the pad could use a healthy washing with some bleach..but its DEFINATELY yellow..

hope this helps

they are too big to attach, so here's the direct link to the photos
Many thanks for the info, and for posting the images. Though the 2 images are in shadow due to heavy clouds, I'm even more convinced that the color is Caution Yellow after seeing part of the pad base close up on near the Plaque. 8)


Out of control ? Lol, nah, I call it insanity. :D
I may be wrong, but I believe in this pic it is white...stymye, what do you think??

Taked sat 6/5/04 in Manchester,TN
Sorry, don't mean to side swipe the thread, I was just trying to find a way of getting stymye's nice looking "Joe" on the digital world...

Pad 6
thanks for posting Johnnie,

I thought that might be the last pic when it hung on the rod for a sec !
Lol, man you had me scared for a second, sweet looking pad there fellas, and the rockets look great !

No worries with hijacking the thread, we're all family here. Although I hear Vinnie, Knuckles and Speed are hankering to bust some kneecaps. 8)

silverleaf, didn't they become the lawyers known as Douee, Cheatum, and Howe??

Man, now that this secret is out, I've got a feeling "the family" will be very upset - I hear they were placed in the witness protection program after a sordid affair that reportedly involved a 6 foot rocket, a van and a single experimental Z size motor.

Howe, erp.. Speed wanted to expedite payment on 3 B14-0's from a certain Ohioian, and well, lets just say things didn't go exactly as thery were supposed to.