List of Centuri "Clone" Kits?

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Dec 4, 2016
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Birmingham, AL
I've Googled this to death without success, so I'll appreciate any help. I'm a rebar returning to the hobby again at age 55. One of my primary interests is in rebuilding and flying the Centuri kits that I built and loved as a kid in the 1970's. I know that Estes has released a few "clones" of old Centrui birds (and I hope they do more!) and that Semroc has as well.

What I'm looking for is a published list that would specify the name of the older kit and line up with the manufacturer and name of the clone kit.

I.E.: Centuri Groove Tube (1972-1981) has been cloned by Quest Aerospace in their "Totally Tubular" kit.

Something along those lines. Is there a resource like that out there?


Les Rayburn
Birmingham, AL
I don't know of a clone kit list but with JimZs ( and
you can do much of the cloning yourself.
The Quest Totally Tubular isn't a true clone, it's a look alike.
If you want to do clones you can get the Centuri tubes from and
ERockets has many of the laser cut fin sets you might need.
Half the fun is doing some searching and collecting the parts yourself.
Like the other responses there really aren't any cloned kits on the market. But like yourself I like the older kits, especially Centuri. Here's a list I've put together of Centuri comparable kits that I own, some are currently to of production, but I hope this helps.

Centuri Kit - Comparable Kit

Lil Ivan - Semroc Lil Ivan
Thunderhawk - Semroc ThunderBee
Lil Herc - Semroc Lil Hercules
Viking - Estes Viking
Javelin - Semroc Javelin
Phoenix Bird - Estes Phoenix Bird (oop)
Red-Eye - Semroc Red-Eye
Astro-1 - Semroc Astro 1
Magnum Hornet - Semroc Magnum Hornet
Thunderbird - Semroc ThunderChief
Flying Saucer - Estes Snitch (oop)
Thunder Roc - Semroc ThunderStrike
SR-71 Blackbird - Estes SR-71 BlackBird (oop)
U.S.S. America - Semroc U.S.S. America
Satellite Killer - Semroc Satellite Killer
SST Shuttle - Semroc SST Shuttle-1 (oop)
Micron - Semroc Micron
Groove Tube - Quest Totally Tubular or Estes Neon
Twister - Estes Twister (oop)
Payloader II - Estes Payloader II (oop)
Earth Forces Starfighter- Estes Blackhawk (oop) and More Rockets
Long Tom - Estes Long Tom (oop)
Vulcan - More Rockets (oop)
Laser X - Semroc Laser X
Vector V - Semroc Vector V
Mach-10 - More Rockets
Star Trooper - Estes Star Trooper
Flutter-By - Estes Flutter-By (oop)
Nike Smoke - Estes Nike Smoke
Swift - Semroc Swift Boost Glider
Space Shuttle - Semroc Space Shuttle
Evel Knievel Sky Cycle -Semroc Snake Jumper

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