Liquid-Fueled Sharpie Rocket!

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That's really cool, but the way you launch it seems kind of dangerous. I'd be really hesitant to launch it the way it instructs you to.
jcsalem...Welcome to the forum. I don't know if you are truly new here or not but I have the feeling this thread is likely to be deleted in the very near future. TRF is a little touchy about discussing methods of launching rockets in unconventional ways but don't let it be discouraging. We're a friendly bunch for the most part.

Jeez, just don't hurt yourself, OK?

Safety goggles would be prudent.
An alternative to using a can of compressed air would be to pressure fit an air hose in where the tip was pulled from and fill it with compressed air from either a bike pump or air compresser. You would need to glue the two halves of the pen together. you could then glue cut straws as launch lugs and launch it from a launch pad safely. Plus you can enjoy it better that way.
I would say to go with the MMX conversion. It's proven, it's reliable and it doesn't threaten to blind you. (It will probably produce a better flight, too.) Plastic pens (properly stabilized, and with most of the metal parts removed) make great Micromaxx vehicles.

From what it looks like, the rocket is using the propellant in the compressed air can , in liquid form, for propulsion, like a Vashion cold propellant motor. That is why the can has to be held upside down. One type of propellant that is used in "compressed air" cans is 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane I believe.