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Feb 20, 2009
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Had my interview with the BATFE inspector today, it went very well. Took about 1.5 hours. She was very thourough and explained everything in detail. She explained the need for correct aquisition/ disposition records, ATF's right of entry, what to do if there is a theft of a rocket motor, by the way, it is a felony not to report a theft within 24 hours and a lot more explosive regulations. It was all very interesting. She gave me an Orange Book, Federal Explosives Law and Regulations. The interview was within about 5 feet of my hobby table and all my rockets cause my wife had her stuff on all the others .

The best thing, when the interview was through, she wanted to look at my rockets and really liked the ACME Spitfire and the TGI Interceptor. She wanted to know if the Spitfire flew straight. I found out she has 2 boys, 8 and 6 years old. She said she would like them to be exposed to rocketry and her husband had flown Estes when he was a kid. I thought, "this is great". She stayed for about 15 minutes and she had a lot of questions. Man, I was in hog heaven!
Silly questions:

How much is the Limited permit ?

How often do you need to renew ?

Every year ?

And unless I'm missing something, you only need this IF your buying/storing the larger impulse motors - and then you need to have the Full metal jacket case to store them in which has been certified to be a secure motor storage case that correct ?
Since you were talking rockets with the ATF agent did you tell her how you got your TRF handle "swimmer." I bet that would have been a topic of interest at the water cooler the next day. Glad it went well.


No such thing as a silly question.

The initial LUP application is $25.00 and then renews every 3 years for $12.00. There are some old forms that say $75.00 but as a courtesy the Limited Use Permit fee was dropped to $25.00 and says this on new forms. The 2000 Orange Book I have says $75.00 also so don't be confused. It is $25.00.

You will need a LUP/LEUP if "you receive explosive materials" according to the ATF Limited Permitee Guidelines and ATF has put that threshhold at 62.5oz. You can check motor weights on This has been in effect since May 24, 2003. There may be some disagreement on the 62.5oz weight and Easy Access motors but I'll not take the chance and most hobby shops I know of aren't taking the chance either. Storage is another ballgame which requires a Type 4 magazine and a bunch of regs about where the magazine can be located, construction, type and number of locks, etc. I have contingent storage, in other words, I am using someone elses approved magazine. They have to maintain records, I have to maintain records and the ATF can and will check to see that they match.

The LUP limits purchases to 6 per year intrastate only. It also limits the license holder to intrastate flights only.

Many thanks for the details. I forgot about the 62.5 oz threshold, but knew about the metal case needed for such engines.

Congrats on your approval. and happy flying, 8)

oh... so *now* the A T F is going to be knocking on my door asking about the A.C.M.E. , eh.....:p :p :p

sheesh! :)