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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm considering offering some Limited Edition OOP Clone Kits . Ofcourse the question then goes to which one or ones would be
made as for sale kits . All kits produced will have upgraded shock cords ( Kevlar ) . Waterslide decals or Vinyl, High quality body tubes , Balsa Fins, and Balsa Nose Cones. My interest and hopfully yours are one or more of the following. All kits would be LPR. Comments Welcome .


P.s One I didn't add was a Crayon Rocket. D Motor 2.2 o.d. BT included under Other. w/ post
Actually, they are all good. I just remeber teh 'andromeda' days, and thte fact mine flew but twice. Both times had a faulty chute.

but a sweeet rocket none the less!
The key for me is the fins.

If you can get them laser cut, I'm most definitely in. Especially on an Alien Explorer. If we have to cut them from a template.....

Well, needless to say I can buy my own decals and download plans.
I wold buy any and all of these kits! I actually would buy several kits myself!
Can you post some links to pictures of these rockets?

ALL OF THEM!!!! There's no way to pick just one from that list. ALL OF THEM. Throw in the Nebulon Warrior as well.
First I just want to thank you all for posting Photos are posted on JimZ and Ninfinger sites . I'm at work right now so links will have to wait. If somone could post links this would be a BIG Help Did a little work on Crayon Rocket size at about 34" 2.2 dia. My consern for those buying these kits is cost . laser cut fins seems the only way to go on the more complicated balsa wood parts for some of these kits.


Please be careful of copyright rule.

I got permission from Estes on all my clone kits and that only seems fair.

JimZ's site is a .org so he can't make any money off of these plans and in all fairness these plans are posted for "personal" use.

His anger and resentment comes from people using plans that he has posted directly for their personal profit.

I hope you can understand that without taking it as a personal dig.

Clones are a great idea but the designs ARE the property of the original manufacturer.

If Jim Flis stopped making the Deuce nobody would be very happy with me if I decided to make a Deuce's Wild kit.
I do understand where your comming from sandman I have thought about this for some time and have read all the post on the subject . Like I said ( Considering Making Clones of these kits ) not to say that I will. These are issues that need to be resolved.
I would not include plans in kits any way shape or form. Maybe more like a bag of parts kit. I see on ebay Rocket Pad selling Estes clone kits i.e. Long John Silver etc. with no changes. I'm not saying that would justify me doing the same thing .
So having said that. The Crayon rocket kit is a doable kits. More input please .

Here's what I'd like to see:

Estes Trident
Estes Bandit
Estes Farside
Estes Beta (mini two-stage)
Estes Aerospace Club Viper
These are issues that need to be resolved.

great, then I see we are on the same page.

I'm not trying to kill competition, just trying to keep the lawyers out of work!
I would have voted for the Cassiopeia, but I spent last summer putting together parts for it (thanks, Sandman, for the BT101 ring!), so that's not on my need list anymore.

I voted instead for the Andromeda...but only if you have those honkin' huge fins pre-cut in some manner.
Just to keep you all updated sandman should get a package in the mail today or tomorrow of balsa . And will start turning BNC for the Crayon Rocket BT 2.2 . Will keep you posted. I expect to have 9 for sale here on TRF . If interested, would you please hold off for a while until I post more info. Thanks

Today or tomorrow?:confused: From Washington to Michigan?:confused:

How the heck did you send it?

For the cost of next day shipping I could have provided the wood cheaper!

You really didn't need to send it so darn fast.

Oh, well live and learn.
I send most things in the mail priorty mail, gets there fast and in a timely manner cost me $9.00 and that a $1.00 more than you figured for sending the BNC's back to me oh and by the way a little present enclosed for you :D Stay sharp.;)


P.s I've sent close to 600 packages in the past 10 years with no loss or damage using pri mail so as far as I'm concerned thats the only way to go.:)