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Feb 19, 2009
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Came across this site doing some research on fin optimization. Maybe others have seen the tools/Excel sheets on this site (under Reports tab), but a real hidden jewel for me.

Note: most of the Excel sheets are old and will need some updating, but still, some good stuff here.

From the Ether...
I've met Charles and Janet Hoult through ESRA/IREC. Charles passed away last year. They both are a wealth of information.

At an event, Charles ashes were being flown/scattered. The rocket was not near as stable as it could have been. Janet though it was funny and that the group could have used some more of Charles "guidance"!

I just read the wiring requirements doc. It contains some very helpful guidelines.

I love the advise on wire stripping "2.3. Pocket knives and teeth are right out!"

The endorsement of that author is also pretty remarkable. "At the time of writing he has hardware on 14 orbiting satellites."

Paul B.