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May 2, 2009
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i gotta stay away from those places!
ESPECIALLY the well-stocked ones...

I went looking for body tubes and motor mounts...
got those, AND...

an RMS 29/40-120 case and a g64-10W and f40-4W reloads as well as a pair of EJ F40-40 SU motors...

I got a variety of Krylon spray paints in about every color but green, primer, fiberglass cloth and resin, a couple 8" concrete forms and some 1/4" and 3/32" plywood, some 1/5" mailing tubes (will these work for 38mm mmt?) and a pair of 3" mailing tubes...

i didn't pick up any couplers...
i guess i can fabricate some.


i took inventory of my motor collection:

72- A3-4T
6 - A8-3
1 - B6-4
6 - C6-5
1 - C6-7
1 - unmarked 18mm
33 - D12-5
2 - E25-10
1 - E25-7
1 - G40-13W

got those all for $20 at the local flea market!
along with an old sealed estes kit (that i opened ans lost parts from) and some other rocket stuff...

tomorrow i am gonna take the girls and make some noise