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Dec 24, 2003
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I would appreciate it if people would post here, or e-maiil me any links they have to threads, arcticles, etc concerning launch pads made of PVC. I am in particular looking for designs that can be broken down somewhat easily into a compact and easy to transport bundle.

Here is my rail pad design. It has held up well launching up to mid size I motors with a support post driven into the ground under the rail mount. I can, however, from experience, say it won't hold up to J motors.

I've also down sized it, and where the rail is on the original, installed a square tube, with a thumb screw in one corner for holding rods. That pad has held up to quite a few H motors at our club launches.
I built AstroWolf's design too. It breaks down into a large duffle bag, and it only needed a hacksaw, a drill, and a dremel to construct. Low cost, and strong enough for any level 1 bird.

Good design!
This one will breakdown to 4 pieces (excluding rods). For 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 rods.

Multiple pvc launcher

Astro's rail pad is top notch also. I built one of those too. ;)