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Mar 14, 2009
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Here is a photo of my scratchbuilt Scimitar clone (which I call Ramses) lifting off on a pair of D12-5's.

Unfortunately, it veered off course about 50 feet in the air. At ejection it was going pretty fast and the parachute ripped away after zippering the body tube about two inches. It ripped a fin off on landing, but nothing too serious. I'll add some nose weight for the next flight.

Ramses crop.jpg
Great launch picture, but that decapitation/zipper sounds like it was pretty horrible.

A pair of D motors in the back end is a lot of weight for a model rocket. Did you do any checks on stability margin before you launched the first time?
Agreed. You probably have stability problems with those forward fins. They always pull the CP well forward. I'm sure you're right about the nose weight. Don't forget the swing test.
Very nice. I have one of those. I made mine have 3 24mm in the booster, and 3 18mm in the sustainer. I added about an ounce to the nosecone. It always flys long as all 6 motors light :y:

I don't see why his would be unstable with 2 24mm's but you never know