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Mar 23, 2011
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Goodyear, AZ
It's 2:30 AM and why am I up on a launch day?
Kurig and coffe cup.jpg

This week has been more hectic than usual, so I thought I would share it in a blog, So If you don't have a lot of time to read about Hardline (Sharon), move along to another thread....
Some of you may know Sharon, my wife for over 30 years. We travel to rocket launches all over the Western US. She is a full time business owner with a hobby we share with all of you here on TRF.

This last week it once again became apparent that there "Ain't no Woman like the one I got". Here's a little background. We started spending our summers in Red River, New Mexico two years ago. We own half of a Duplex there, and built a new office so that Sharon could work and enjoy the cooler environment in this quaint little town. Last year we included a few rocket launches in Colorado, the National Sport launch in Alamosa and Mile high mayhem with the Northern Colorado Rocketry club way up in the Pawnee National grasslands. This year we are adding UROC's new site near Moab, Utah and Tripoli Colorado's launch in Hartsel, Co.

To do this, I have to do a lot of preparation, while Sharon goes up in her office and makes money to pay for all this craziness. This month I'm making motors, 26 research and 23 commercial. We had to order a few new Loki snap ring cases from Mile High Rocketry and Loki to complete this task, and while I was waiting for them, I set up a new Eurmax tent we bought for our travels to these launches. It became apparent that this new tent really didn't fit in our "Lil' Mule", so early ( Really freaking early) last Wednesday Sharon authorized me to buy a new trailer. With a $10,000 budget, it didn't take me long to bring this home:

the rig.jpg

This year we won't be taking the Toy hauler all over Colorado, and our old 1998 GMC Sierra "Grosser" will make the trip with our new 12 ft. Wells Cargo trailer. The last two days, I've been building a rack for holding our lifetime tables and Eurmax 10' x 15' tent and various other tools of the trade for this years summer launches.
Inside 1.jpg

The table at the front is temporary, after this weekends TRA/PHX launch, I will be building a work bench with storage where it currently sits. The empty wall to the left will be racks for rockets, so we won't have to empty the bed of Grosser out to make the bed to sleep in. This is what it looks like currently:
Grosser bed.jpg

So now you know what Wayco does to support Hardline's obsession. We work hard to play hard. Because of Sharon's work load, we are only doing a one day launch with TRA/PHX. I'm flying the "Big Yellow rocket" on a 76/8000 "Sharon's Sparkler" and Sharon is flying her "Grand Optimist" on a 98/10000 "Sharon's Sparkler". If you fly in the West, and have a big waiver, you may see us in the future.
Looking forward to seeing you and Sharon at the UROC inaugural Red Rocks Rocket launch. Call in windows to 100,000 feet. Somebody needs to try to tickle the waiver. Might as well be you. Just sayin.
Just bumping this forward. Know that those of us in the SW corner miss you and Hardline at our puny launches. While I may never mix motors ( you know why), Scott may cave in the future and make his loads avail in Cali. Or not. I'd love to surprise you two in Colorado someday and borrow a snap ring case or two. I've passed all my Loki on. Straight smoke and good chutes to you both and thanks for the champagne and fun times. All apologies for falling asleep on my back. You know why. Be well, my friend. Peace in your heads, hearts and hearths.

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