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Jan 18, 2009
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I got this tube from work and I just sat down it was walk in grab filler and start on it it is a 5 3/4OD tube would this be a good level 2 or 3 prodject?

Looks like you have already sstarted, so what ya ask'in??? ;)

The tube will work fine and it appears to be a good L2or even L3 size...keep us posted!!!

I agree with Carl, but the real question is "whatsit gonna weigh"? I'd cut off 1 or 2 inches and weigh it on a scale to see what the weight per inch is. Also, check out the wall thickness. These bits of information will help you determine how the rocket will perform on various motor combinations by plugging the figures into RocSim.
Well at this point Im still debating on what its gonna be. Its just those spirals, they just had to get filled:D
Carl is right
a K motor would be a nice motor for it:)
plez keep us posted:)