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Rocket Flier VB

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Aug 3, 2002
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Does anyone know if it is a requirment by NAR that I have a LEUP to certify Level 3?? There are obvious ways around getting the rocket to the pad...

You could use hybrids and not need a LEUP. Otherwise, any reloads level 3 range will require a leup.
But, if some one else bought it, I put it together, he put the finished load in the rocket and carried it out. I would never posess it.

Here is why I am asking. It's going to be tough enough to get this rocket together IAW the regulations of a Level 3. I don't want to have to go through the BS paperwork and the tap dancing to use 1 motor (if sucessful). I live on a fixed income and didn't want to add anouther couple of hundred dollars to the total price. Heck, I'm going to be renting the casing.

I though about Hybrids because I love the sound of them but I'm back in the same boat of buying the support equipment which I would imagine would be about the same cost.

I also thought that the ability of putting a 78 or 96mm together would be a test of Level 3 ability but what about those who us the ProXX series?

Not dodging, just asking...
I think the larger CTI loads come in individual grains, like AT. The cases might even be compatible, I think I heard something like that. I suppose you could get around a LEUP via the process you described.
Getting a LEUP isnt really that hard, just expensive, if your used to dealing with govt types and thier regulations. My dad does that kind of thing for a living (well, not explosives, he actually sees that forests are being well-managed and all that stuff, so hes pretty used to all sorts of annoying regulations), so it wasnt too hard for him.

The magazine costs upwards of $200, and the LEUP itself is $100, and lasts for 3 years, when you have to renew it, for $50. So you would be paying about $350 (shipping is a LOT on those big magazines), plus the relaod case, plus the motor. So if you used an N2000 (or something) you would be paying upwards of $1000 for the LEUP, motor and reload case.

Plus whatever you spent for the rocket.

This sure aint cheap!!! :eek:

As they say whenever someone certs at CMASS: "Welcome to high power! Open up your wallet!!!"
I believe there is a type of LEUP that is just to build and fire. I would get my reload at the event from my favorite vender. There is no wat I could have a magizine. Houses around here are too close and there is not a fire wall between the garage and house. Well, there is but we have a cat door which I am sure voids govt fire protection. I just want to concentrate on building and flying and not dredging through red tape.

Thanks for the inputs.
you could wait and see what happens, when you get into L3 it gets expensive
I seem to recall that TRA asked a similar question when this mess first started. It was decided that rocket clubs are not enforcement agents of the ATF. As such no one from a rocket club should ask to see an LEUP in an official capacity.

But to buy a motor see if you can't get a L3 LEUP holder to assist you.

MY LEUP has 'alternate storage.' I have a friend with an approved fireworks magazine and he offered it as storage to me. Since the same agent covers our area he was familiar with the set-up and approval was easy. I don't very often use the magazine as I tend to buy and fly the same day. However, the ATF still does require a place to store the motors in the event you aren't able to fly the same day you buy.
Luckly our friendly neighborhood vender travels to all of the big launches on the East Coast and I would be able to get some one to buy it from him and if I was unable to fly it he could hold it for me.

Thanks for the replies.
Originally posted by Rocket Flier VB
But, if some one else bought it, I put it together, he put the finished load in the rocket and carried it out. I would never posess it.

Look up the ATF regs regarding this, as well as those regarding blasting companies for hire. They contract to construction companies and such. You can hire (including contracting for zero money) someone with the appropriate license and certification, to purchase, store, ship, whatever. You just have to assemble the motor per the L3 regs. You'll probably want to show the regs to your cert team prior, to make sure they're clear on what's going on.