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Feb 18, 2009
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Van Orin illinois
Wildman Hobbies is pleased to announce they have teamed up with several manufactures to raffle away a level 3 project to someone who wants to do their level 3 at LDRS at this year.
We are putting this package together so some who normally wouldn’t be able to do their level 3 now can at LDRS 28 in New York on July 2-6.
All you basically have to pay for is a $10 ticket
Wildman’s is donating an Extreme Wildman Kit and the use of a Rocket Tracker to make sure you get the rocket back.
Wildman Pennsylvania is donating registration for the launch
Wildman Kentucky is donating 2 banquet tickets
Aerotech is donating an M1297
Missile works is donating (2) rrc2 mini’s
Performance rocketry is donating a quart size of the Proline 4100 epoxy, pumps and fillers
Sky angle is donating a Classic II 60” parachute and a c3 drogue
Rouse Tech is donating the use of a 75/5120 motor
Aero Pack is donating a 75 mm motor retainer
The proceeds from this raffle will pay for a hotel room for 3 nights for the lucky winner. If we don’t raise enough money Wildman’s will pitch in the rest.
To get into this raffle you must be level 2 and able to go to LDRS in New York with this rocket completed.
Raffle Tickets are $10 each
Tickets can be purchased from Wildman’s by calling 815-638-3200
If we sell 130 tickets we will give another one away. Any proceeds left over will go to Rockets 4 Schools.
The raffle will April 21-27 and will be shipped out on April 28
If you would like to purchase this package less the hotel and registration you can.
Only $610.00
*plus shipping but it must be flown at LDRS 28
to purchase tickets call
Wildman's at 815-638-3200 during normal hours
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I'm in!! LDRS this year will be about 30 miles from my hometown in Upstate NY. I will call to purchase a couple tickets.
Too bad I couldn't get my L2 quick enough to go for my L3. That's an increadable deal!
At this point I would l,ike to encourage all who have participated to withdraw and effectively use their hard earned compensation in a more productive manner.

That said, I will take the hit for the entire community and leave my investment in place. It is going to be a devastating financial blow, however I am willing to make the sacrifice. :cool:.
Hey, Al?

I had a nice chat with Tim today, regarding the raffle, and, well....to give you an idea of what I think of your idea, I bought a raffle ticket today! :D

C'mon, folks! This is an awesome deal, and even if you can't make LDRS, consider buying the ticket just to support Rockets For Schools. This is a pure donation from the sponsors, putting money into a great program!

Tim's hope is to generate enough off of raffle sales to cover the cost of the hotel -- he's not worried about the kit, or anything else, or the rest of it.

Hey Al, how did you know I bought all the Wildman jr's ,trying to corner the market and drive the future's price up?
Don't forget Monday is the last day to get you tickets .
We will be pulling the winning ticket at 7:15 Monday nite and calling the winner right away
Good Luck Guys
Mike Law from Indiana is now going to LDRS in New York to do his level 3 flight
I want to thank everybody who joined this raffle and all Mfg's that donated to it.
From the excitement on the phone I think we picked a good one .
Congratulations Mike We will see you at LDRS:cheers::clap:
Well, Tim, I guess you're now off my Christmas card list! :mad:

Congrats to Mike, and this is a really cool event, Tim. I'm sure the Rockets 4 Schools folks will really appreciate it!

Congratz Mike and many thanks to Tim and all the other vendors for their outstanding contributions to the rocketry community! :cool:
Congrats Mike! Thank you Wildman and all the other vendors you all are the reason this is such a strong and enjoyable hobby.