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Feb 18, 2009
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Van Orin illinois
:DFor the month of April Wildman’s is having a sale for Level 3 projects.
We are offering the redesigned Ultimate Wildman .
This monster is now 12 feet tall and can accept a 48” long motor with the new stock booster
6” 5-1 Ogive Reinforced Fiberglass Nose Cone
6” diameter 5 foot long Filament wound Fiberglass booster
6”diameter 4 Foot long Filament wound Fiberglass payload
6” diameter 18 inch long Fiberglass coupler
6” diameter 6 inch long Filament Wound Fiberglass Switch Band
24 inch long Fiberglass 98MM Motor mount.
3 Wood Centering Rings
2 Fiberglass bulk plates
3 Fiberglass Coupler bulk plates

Normally $650. For only $450.00 plus shipping .

Or the Extreme Wildman
4” diameter and over 8 feet tall
4” 5-1 Von Carmen fiberglass nose cone
4” diameter 24” long filament wound Fiberglass payload
4” diameter 2” long filament wound fiberglass Switch band
4” diameter 12” long fiberglass coupler
75mm 24” long fiberglass motor mount
4” diameter 54” long filament wound fiberglass Booster
3 Fiberglass Fins .190 thick
3 Wood centering rings
2 Fiberglass bulk plates
3 Fiberglass coupler bulk plates
18 yards of high quality tubular nylon
2 yard Kevlar bridal
Fiberglass altimeter sled
Welded Eye Bolts
All thread ,nuts and washers
Quick links
Plastic rivets
Sheer pins

Normally $299.99 For only 225.99 plus shipping.

Also we are offering 20% off all Aerotech,CTI and Gorilla M& N reloads and Hardware (no other discounts apply) and dealer participation may vary.
Thank You
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